Friend’s Visit on Thanksgiving

November 28, 2022

Our friend arrived on Tuesday evening and we had a fun evening talking.

On Wednesday, our friend worked the morning and took a break for lunch.Bruce, our friend, Nox, and I went to the Flat Rock State Park. We clambered about on the flat rocks and by the waterfall. Nox loves climbing on rocks; it must be the Cairn Terrier in her.

After enjoying the Flat Rock State Park, we dropped our friend off at his site to finish his workday.

I spent the afternoon cooking. We had a lovely evening and I invited our friend over for breakfast.

The next morning, I slipped on the steps and hurt my back. I can’t help but wonder how I have become so clumsy.

I was still able to make breakfast for everyone. Biscuits, bacon, fried eggs, and Southwestern grits. I even put out three types of jam.

We ate our breakfast outside at the picnic table. The weather was so nice. We decided where we were going, the Riverwalk and that we would park on the Alabama side.

Our friend walked back to his RV van while Bruce and I got Nox ready to go. Since checkout was at 11:00 am, we caravanned to the parking lot.

We crossed the bridge and walked along the Georgia riverwalk. We stopped when we came to a section that was blocked off due to construction. The City Mills Company building was in the process of being expanded for more hotel rooms.

When we turned around, we walked to the pedestrian bridge and crossed to the Alabama side. We walked to the parking lot and said goodbye to our friend. He needed to get back home, so he could winterize his RV van. His family was celebrating Thanksgiving on Friday.

Bruce drove Nox and me back home. Nox was a tired little dog and I was happy to take it easy for the rest of the day. My back had a rather ugly bruise from hitting the stair.

The weather was wonderful and I was really glad we got to have such a fun time with a friend.

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