Flat Rock State Park after a Rain

December 1, 2022

We got a lot of rain the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We stayed home just hanging out, reading and watching the new Netflix series, “Wednesday”.

On Sunday, the weather turned beautiful, so we went back to Flat Rock State Park to enjoy the weather.

The Flatrock Creek was spectacular running over the flat rock, creating stunning falls.

We walked along the creek, back towards the entrance from Warm Springs Rd. We didn’t feel we could cross the creek safely at the top.

While walking around the bottom of the falls, in one of the pools, I noticed a movement. It was a very tiny crayfish. See how small it is since you can compare it to the grains of sand.


We walked over the bridge and walked along the creek. The path was beautiful and crossed a simpler bridge to get back across the creek.

We wondered if the flat rock with the frisbee golf would have water. We went over and checked it out. There was a small stream flowing over the edge.

The lake was a bit fuller than it was last time. I didn’t take any pictures of the lake. The flowers were gone and we didn’t see any birds.

The falls were beautiful; the spray was fun and I loved the roar of the water. I am really glad we chose to go back to Flat Rock State Park after a rain!

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