Nox Helps with Rescuing Bubba

January 19, 2022 Last night, when Nox was out for her nightly perambulation, a gentleman at the top of the road called out, “Are you looking for a small dog?” Bruce called back, “No, we have our dog.” Another gentleman called out, “I know who the dog belongs to.” The two gentlemen tried whistling for […]

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Just a Fun Sunday

December 14, 2021 On Sunday, December 12th, I wanted to visit the Edgewater Public Market in the city of Edgewater, CO. The Edgewater Public Market is a food hall, with many restaurants, a few art galleries, and some other shops. One of my co-workers had mentioned that the Edgewater Public Market had an Ethiopian restaurant […]

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Cold Weather Has Arrived

November 18, 2021 We’ve had a very warm fall this year in the Denver metro area of Colorado. We would have a few days here and there that would dip down below just freezing at night, but mostly the days were sunny and comfortable, in the 70s and 60s F, with lows in the 50s […]

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