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All Clothes Moved to RV

May 13, 2021 We have been packing up the items in the house that we want to keep long term and moving them into storage. Bruce and I donated two large bags of clothes to Goodwill. I donated a lot of my shoes as well. I was still amazed at how many clothes I had […]

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Progress and Knocked Silly

May 5, 2021 On Monday, we had a structural engineer come and look at the house. There were some cracks in the sheetrock along the stairs that worried our realtor. I know we have shifting soil in this area, so her worries were catching. The structural engineer looked at everything and said there had been […]

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Backyard Visitors Excite Nox

April 28, 2021 This morning, as Bruce was walking by the French doors on the way to the kitchen for coffee, he happened to look into the backyard. What he saw caused him to freeze. He said, “There is a duck on the outdoor kitchen.” I got my phone ready to take pictures and I […]

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Relaxing at the RV

April 25, 2021 Just a very quick update as the countdown to retirement continues. Since Bruce discovered Facebook Marketplace, we been downsizing at an amazing clip. Our barrister style bookcases are gone (two were bought by my friend Jeanne), the kegerator is gone, the two futons are gone, as well as a bunch of other […]

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