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Nox Helps with Rescuing Bubba

January 19, 2022 Last night, when Nox was out for her nightly perambulation, a gentleman at the top of the road called out, “Are you looking for a small dog?” Bruce called back, “No, we have our dog.” Another gentleman called out, “I know who the dog belongs to.” The two gentlemen tried whistling for […]

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Heated RV Hose

January 18, 2022 One of my readers commented on my blog post, Woke to Frozen Cold Water Line, suggesting that having a heated RV hose might have helped. As one of our RV accessories, we have a heated RV hose. Dakota Ridge RV Park requires heated water hoses for their winter campers who are connected […]

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Grateful Bread, Down the Street

January 8, 2022 While we were shopping for whiskey at the Golden Moon Distillery, the lady running it mentioned that when the weather is nice she opens up the garage door to attract the customers from Grateful Bread across the street. Grateful Bread’s retail shop is only open on Saturday from 10 am to 2 […]

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We Have Cold Water!

January 7, 2022 When I was getting ready for bed, the RV didn’t have cold running water. A few minutes later, Bruce started getting ready for bed and he tried the cold water. It started out as a trickle, then it ran normally. His delighted shout could be heard throughout the RV. He checked the […]

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Woke to Frozen Cold Water Line

January 6, 2022 This morning, the outside temperature had dropped to 3 degrees F, with another load of snow. When we got up this morning, the RV temperature was what we expected, it was in the low 60’s F. Bruce got up and went to the bathroom and he discovered the bathroom didn’t have any […]

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