Cathedral Caverns State Park

May 11, 2022 On Sunday (May 8th), Bruce and I rode the motorcycle to Cathedral Caverns State Park. We meet up with friends at the gift shop parking lot around 9:45 am for the 10 am tour. Bruce and I removed our gear and stowed it in the motorcycle case. As we walked away, I […]

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Grapes and More Grapes

October 1, 2021 This year, the grape vines at the house produced prodigiously. We had two types of seeded grapes, Concord and a green variety. I no longer remember what the green variety is supposed to be. Since we are in the process of downsizing and getting everything out of the house for the upcoming […]

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Sad Grape Vines

October 25, 2020 Just yesterday, the grapevines had green leaves turning yellow. After the temperature dropped last night to 13 degrees F and snowed, the grapes look sad.

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