Fried Manchego Cheese

This recipe is a modification of Bobby Flay’s Baked Manchego with Yellow Pepper Romesco. Bobby didn’t bake the cheese, he fried it. I don’t know why the recipe had baked in the name. I wish I had taken a picture, as it was a beautiful dish, but with Bruce ready to eat it as soon […]

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Rude Nox

July 4, 2022 One evening last week, we were walking Nox when a little light brown dog came running up. It was just a tad larger than Nox. The dogs sniffed each other and then the other dog took off running. Nox tried to follow, but her leash wouldn’t allow her to run off. Nox […]

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Greenville Cypress Preserve

July 1, 2022 On Tuesday (June 28), the weather was in the 70’s and 80’s. Since it was so nice outside, we decided to do outside things. We geared up and rode across the Mississippi River into Mississippi. Bruce stopped so I could get a picture of the Welcome to Mississippi sign. We rode a […]

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Off to a Safari

June 28, 2022 On Saturday (June 25), we decided to go on a safari. Bruce reserved a spot for the 1:00 pm tour. We drove the short distance from Poverty Point State Park to the Wild Country Safari Park. The gift shop has several birds. We paid to be driven in the open aired school […]

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