Retirement RV Dream

Hi, I’m Julia, and I’m planning on retiring on 4/3/2021. My husband, Bruce, is already retired and we are planning to go full-time RVing around the United States and Canada. We may also go into Mexico as well. We are also going to be looking for a good place to settle if we get tired of the nomad life.

I’m blogging to track our journey to living the retirement RV Dream. There have been so many helpful bloggers an YouTube videos about RVing full time that I became inspired to track our progress.

Once we start RVing full-time, I also want to be able to remember all the places that we’ve stopped at, and what we liked about them and didn’t like, and if they are a good candidate for the small homestead we’ve talked about for years.

If you’d like to contact me, here’s my contact form.

Now for some cuteness, we have a small shelter dog, Nox. Nox is some type of small terrier. Nox likes catching small animals, such as mice. I’ll be posting how she adjustes to living on the road. Here are some pictures of Nox at our current house. The little white dog in the pictures is Luna. She passed away on August 20, 2020 and didn’t get to join us on our retirement dream.

Here are Luna and Nox, when Nox was a puppy.

Here’s a later picture of Luna and Nox, with Nox grown up.
Luna watching Nox making a mess!

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