Rude Nox

July 4, 2022 One evening last week, we were walking Nox when a little light brown dog came running up. It was just a tad larger than Nox. The dogs sniffed each other and then the other dog took off running. Nox tried to follow, but her leash wouldn’t allow her to run off. Nox […]

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Desperately Seeking Mercury

June 28, 2022 Last Wednesday (June 22), we got up early to see the planet alignment. This was just before 5:00 am. Nox was excited to go with us, so we put the harness on her and let her come with us. I took some pictures of the alignment. In the first picture below, Jupiter […]

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Nox Hiding from a Snake

June 19, 2022 ****Warning Picture of Snake in the Blog Post**** Nox asking to go outside. “Okay, Nox! We’ll take you outside!” Oh no, a snake on the trail. It is just a harmless snake. Nox didn’t like the snake. Once we got home, she buried herself under her towel to hide from the snake! […]

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