Backyard Visitors Excite Nox

April 28, 2021 This morning, as Bruce was walking by the French doors on the way to the kitchen for coffee, he happened to look into the backyard. What he saw caused him to freeze. He said, “There is a duck on the outdoor kitchen.” I got my phone ready to take pictures and I […]

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Winter Is Here!

March 14, 2021 This morning when I got up, there was about a foot of snow and a light snow falling. Just around 11:00 am, I noticed the snow had really started coming down again. Here are pictures of Nox this morning. The wind has blown the snow all the way under the poach to […]

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Nox Looks into the RV

March 4, 2021 Once we got home, after checking the rig was in a good spot, Bruce went inside and got Nox. Nox was so excited to see us. She was whining with excitement and her entire body wiggled as her tail wagged. Bruce wanted to show Nox what is going to be her new […]

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