New Diet for Bruce

September 12, 2020 Bruce and I had a bit of scare, we had been very afraid that the colon cancer had came back. He was having the same symptoms that he had had when they discovered he had stage 3 colon cancer 16 years ago. To our great relief, his colonoscopy came back clean! So, […]

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New Kettle

June 24, 2020 Every so often, Bruce puts the kettle on to boil to make tea or coffee in the French press and forgets it. He’ll walk back to his office, put his headphones on, turn on some tunes, and get caught up in coding, email, social media, YouTube, or a game. If the kettle […]

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First Time About and Out

June 16, 2020 Saturday was the first time that I have been shopping since the pandemic started. Bruce has been doing the shopping for us. He normally goes shopping while I am working. With restrictions letting up, I wanted to go shopping. We took the truck to the Business Costco, as Bruce really wants to […]

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Various Projects

April 9, 2020 I’ve been doing various cooking projects, but I haven’t been great at getting pictures. I made breakfast sausage using my Kitchen Aid grinder and pork but. It came out great. When I’ve got some more time, I’ll put out the recipe. I made tamales in my Instant Pot on Saturday. They came […]

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Caveman Steaks

March 16, 2029 On Sunday, we tried an experiment. Bruce wanted to practice his fire starting without a match skills, and I wanted to try cooking steaks on coals from a wood fire. Bruce got the fire started in the fire pit fairly quickly. Once the fire burned down to mostly coals, I put a […]

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Cooking Up a Party!

February 23, 2020 I have been cooking since 10 am today and I finished at 9:30 pm. I did take a 30 minute lunch break. I made three batches of gumbo, two batches of red bean, four king cakes, four loaves of New Orleans style bread, and 24 boiled eggs for stuffed eggs. I meant […]

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New Toy!

February 10, 2020 I didn’t want to stop myself, I know we are downsizing, but Instant Pot has come out with an Air Fryer Lid. It was on sale at Amazon, so I bought it. So, the first thing I made was air fryer potato chips. They came out great! 😋 I was pleased with […]

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