Grateful Bread, Down the Street

January 8, 2022 While we were shopping for whiskey at the Golden Moon Distillery, the lady running it mentioned that when the weather is nice she opens up the garage door to attract the customers from Grateful Bread across the street. Grateful Bread’s retail shop is only open on Saturday from 10 am to 2 […]

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Update on Low FODMAP Diet

November 19, 2021 I wanted to provide an update on Bruce’s experience with the low FODMAP diet. This is not a diet to lose weight, but to tame lower GI distress. Bruce has been on the low FODMAP diet since September of 2020. First, we limited the foods that Bruce ate to only low FODMAP […]

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App for Low FODMAP Diet

October 28, 2020 After a lot of searching the internet to find more information about a low FODMAP diet, I found that the Monash University FODMAP Diet App was often recommended. It does cost about eight US dollars to purchase. It is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. […]

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New Diet for Bruce

September 12, 2020 Bruce and I had a bit of scare, we had been very afraid that the colon cancer had came back. He was having the same symptoms that he had had when they discovered he had stage 3 colon cancer 16 years ago. To our great relief, his colonoscopy came back clean! So, […]

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New Kettle

June 24, 2020 Every so often, Bruce puts the kettle on to boil to make tea or coffee in the French press and forgets it. He’ll walk back to his office, put his headphones on, turn on some tunes, and get caught up in coding, email, social media, YouTube, or a game. If the kettle […]

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First Time About and Out

June 16, 2020 Saturday was the first time that I have been shopping since the pandemic started. Bruce has been doing the shopping for us. He normally goes shopping while I am working. With restrictions letting up, I wanted to go shopping. We took the truck to the Business Costco, as Bruce really wants to […]

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