Flat Rock Park in Columbus, Georgia

November 4, l2022

Yesterday (November 3), Bruce, Nox, and I went to a local park. It is interesting park, called Flat Rock Park and once you enter the park, it is easy to see how it got its name.

There is a one way road through the park that loops you back to an exit that is several feet from the entrance.

As Bruce drove into the park, on the passenger side, there is Flat Rock Creek running over the dark colored flat rocks, with grass and trees nearby.

The driver’s side has trees and open spaces, with a playground. There is more of the dark flat rock on the driver’s side as well. It is being used as part of the frisbee golf course.

As Bruce drove farther into the park, I noticed several small picnic areas with fireplaces. There were also a few areas with a lot of picnic tables for a large gathering.

Bruce parked the truck in a small parking lot at the bottom of a hill. The road into the parking lot was gravel and a bit washed out. Once parked, I changed out Nox’s truck harness for her walking harness. She was excited and raring to go!

The scenery is stunning! I loved the stone bridge, the stone path across the creek, and the stone steps up to the pavilion and picnic areas. There was even another playground.

We walked over the bridge to the flat rocks and next to the creek.

We decided to cross the creek, using a rock island as a stepping stone. Nox seem a tad nervous, so Bruce picked her up and carried her to the island.

He picked her up and carried her to the other side. I then stepped over as well.

We walked along the sorta flat rock and Nox enjoyed it very much!

We walked to the top of the hill over the flat rock. This took us to the road. We walked alongside the road back towards the park lot with the truck.

Along the way, we stopped at the parking area on top of the hill to read the map provided. There are several biking trails in the park, as well as hiking trails.

We came to the frisbee golf course as we walked alongside the road. Since no one was playing, we walked out onto the course.

There was a cliff with steps leading down at one end of the course.

We crossed the road and played on the rocks at the top. We could see a different section of the creek with another short waterfall. After climbing on the rocks, we headed down the steps to the stone bridge.

As we got close to the end of the steps Nox decided she needed a pick up. Bruce carried her down the rest of the steps and to the truck. I gave her some water and changed out her walking harness for her traveling harness.

Bruce drove the truck up the hill, back to the paved road and continued driving around the park to the fishing lake. He parked so I could get some pictures. Bruce talked to a young fisherman while I took pictures. Nox stayed in the truck since she was so tired.

After I took some pictures, Bruce drove us slowly out of the park.

It is a beautiful park with lots of trails. We spent a few hours there. I could easily spend more time there. I want to explore the hiking trails.

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