A Friend Stopped by for Thanksgiving

November 26, 2022

I had one menu planned for our Thanksgiving in our RV, but we had a friend stop by in his RV van on the way home.

He was only able to spend Wednesday and part of Thursday with us, so we had Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday evening.

The weather was in the low 70’s F, so we decided to eat outside. Bruce spent part of the afternoon collecting wood for a campfire, while I was cooking. When it was getting close to time to eat, I turned on the awning lights and Bruce found the picnic tablecloth in the basement. Bruce put the picnic tablecloth on the picnic table and started the campfire.

Thanksgiving dinner was non-traditional with a Mediterranean twist and my beloved pecan pie for dessert.

The starter was crab, cream cheese and feta stuffed Shiitake mushrooms with smoked paprika and smoked balsamic vinegar. I made this up on the fly.

The main meal was rosemary roasted potatoes, roasted eggplant, onions and mushrooms with oregano, lamb chops with pomegranate molasses and pomegranate seeds, homemade yeast rolls, and a garden salad with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Dessert was a no corn syrup pecan pie.

I must say, I missed my serving platters and bowls. I used my metal mixing bowls as serving bowls and plates instead of serving platters.

After eating and cleaning off the picnic table, we sat around the campfire with Nox, talking until quite hours.

We made plans to have breakfast at our RV site and check out the Riverwalks on Thanksgiving and our friend headed back to his van.

Bruce and I cleaned up and set the alarm clock! We rarely set the alarm these days.

I didn’t take any pictures, so I am reusing this picture of a previous campfire.

19 thoughts on “A Friend Stopped by for Thanksgiving

      1. Thank you – I don’t know how I missed it when you originally posted it! It’s now in my recipe files, to try the next time I’m asked for a pecan pie. This year it was a chocolate pecan pie, but used corn syrup; next time I’ll try this!

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