Back from the Doctor

August 24, 2022 On Monday (August 22), Bruce drove me to Effingham, IL for my doctor’s appointment. We had decided to camp in Indianapolis, since we wanted to go either east or south. Taking the entire rig to the Effingham area would not be cost efficient. We took Nox along with us and she happily […]

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Ouch! I Really Did That?

July 12, 2022 I hurt my ankle again. On Saturday, we were walking Nox for her nightly sniff and pee walk. My ankle wasn’t bothering me anymore. I didn’t even think, I untied my shoes and tried to toe off my left shoe. Oh the pain!!!! I somehow caused it to twist when I was […]

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Party Animal

June 5, 2022 I realized I didn’t post a lot while we were in Golden, Colorado. I had plans with friends and family most days while we were in Golden. It was wonderful to catch up with friends and my daughter. I meet people for lunch and dinner. Some of my friends even cooked dinner […]

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Ankle Much Less Swollen

June 3, 2022 Just a quick update on my recovery from my fall. My ankle almost looks normal. It is still a bit stiff and it can hurt if I step wrong. My bruises are an ugly yellow color now, so I know they are getting better. I’d like to thank everyone for their recovery […]

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And I Am Now Florida Woman!

March 2, 2022 It turns out Florida will let you use your passport, even if it has expired, to get your driver’s license. It can’t be expired more than five years. Luckily, my passport had expired in 2020, so I could use it to prove who I am. So, I didn’t need to bring my […]

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