Shingles Vaccine

September 18, 2020 Bruce got his blood work results yesterday and found out that he had chickenpox as a child. He didn’t remember having chickenpox and his parents weren’t sure if he had them. Since he had chickenpox, he can get shingles. After seeing the problems I’ve had from shingles, he wants to avoid them. […]

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New Diet for Bruce

September 12, 2020 Bruce and I had a bit of scare, we had been very afraid that the colon cancer had came back. He was having the same symptoms that he had had when they discovered he had stage 3 colon cancer 16 years ago. To our great relief, his colonoscopy came back clean! So, […]

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Flare Up Fading

July 21, 2020 Since so many of you expressed concern and sympathy, I wanted to let you know that my flare up of postherpetic neuralgia is fading . I am mostly down to pain levels that I can ignore. I have fewer parts of my body lit up with pain. I am hoping I will […]

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Published Book

April 1, 2020 Back in 1995, I wrote a book for my daughter. She was in forth grade at the time and loved ghost stories. She had read all the ghost stories at the library and wanted to read another one. I recently decided to publish the book on Amazon. The age level is […]

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Wow! One-Hundred Followers!

February 11, 2020 When I checked my site this morning, I was surprised and pleased to find a notice saying I had gotten 100 followers. I’d like to thank everyone who is following my blog. I am having a lot of fun blogging and I am enjoying my interactions in the WordPress community. I am […]

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Retirement RV Dream

Hi, I’m Julia, and I’m planning on retiring on 4/3/2021. My husband, Bruce, is already retired and we are planning to go full-time RVing around the United States and Canada. We may also go into Mexico as well. We are also going to be looking for a good place to settle if we get tired […]

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