National Stand Up to Cancer Day

September 10, 2021 Today is National Stand Up to Cancer Day, sponsored by the organization, Stand Up to Cancer. Bruce was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer at the age of 41. It took his doctors over six months to diagnose him, as they just didn’t believe someone that young would have colon cancer. Since […]

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Retirement RV Dream Delayed

May 25, 2021 I had hoped to turn in my two weeks notice yesterday for my retirement. Since our house hasn’t sold, my retirement is delayed. I will work until the house sells. I am glad I told my boss that I will work until June 4th or until the house sells, which ever is […]

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2021 It feels strange to write 2021. Parts of 2020 dripped by slowly and parts rushed by leaving me wondering what happened. Retirement is rushing up and we still haven’t bought our RV. I hope we can find it soon, since I want to live out of my vehicle and 5th wheel, camping […]

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Good-bye to my Mother-in-Law

November 16, 2020 I would like to thank those of you who expressed sympathy for our family’s loss. Bruce and I flew to Jacksonville, FL and drove to Jekyll Island, GA to be with his family on Delta. We were also able to attend his mother’s visitation and funeral. My mother-in-law loved the outdoors and […]

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Very Sad Times for Us

November 19, 2020 The last couple of weeks have been very hard on Bruce and me. Bruce’s mother had shoulder surgery on October 29th. She had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and she was very confused as to what was happening. She was also in a lot of pain. By November 6th, she was […]

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From All Over!

November 13, 2020 When I was in elementary school (grades 1-6 in the US) and junior high school (7-8 in the US), I was very interested in foreign places. I read everything I could about various places. When I was in 6th grade, I signed up for a program for foreign pen pals. It was […]

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Shingles Vaccine

September 18, 2020 Bruce got his blood work results yesterday and found out that he had chickenpox as a child. He didn’t remember having chickenpox and his parents weren’t sure if he had them. Since he had chickenpox, he can get shingles. After seeing the problems I’ve had from shingles, he wants to avoid them. […]

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