Friend’s Visit on Thanksgiving

November 28, 2022 Our friend arrived on Tuesday evening and we had a fun evening talking. On Wednesday, our friend worked the morning and took a break for lunch.Bruce, our friend, Nox, and I went to the Flat Rock State Park. We clambered about on the flat rocks and by the waterfall. Nox loves climbing […]

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Oh, the Pain!!!!!

November 24, 2022 First off, Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the USA! This morning, I got dressed except for my shoes and headed down the flight of stairs in my RV. My foot slipped and I came down hard. My butt hit the floor and my back hit the part of the stairs […]

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New Toy for Nox

November 17, 2022 Nox has managed to loose some of her balls. We don’t know if she tossed them out the door or did something else with them. Nox likes to toss her balls out the door with the idea that we will let her out to get the ball. Since she lost several balls, […]

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Lewis Park in Woodstock, GA

October 21, 2022 On October 14 (last Friday), we decided to explore the area a bit since the rain had stopped. I found a local park that wasn’t to far from Victoria Campground. When we got there, we found a small gravel parking lot, closed toilets, a pavilion, and a playground. A temporary toilet had […]

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