Donating Luna’s Clothes

October 14, 2021 Nox is a bigger dog than Luna was. She can’t wear Luna’s clothes and she doesn’t get cold the same way Luna did. Last year, if it was under 80 degrees F, Luna got cold. I would leave Luna’s light weight clothes in a handy locations so I could put them on […]

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West Side of Sand Creek Park

September 18, 2021 Last weekend, Bruce wanted to see where the trail went from the west end of Sand Creek Park, in Aurora, Colorado. From the parking lot, there is a walkway that provides a great overlook for the ponds. I took some pictures of the playground. We hiked on the north side of the […]

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Nox with One Ear!

September 4, 2021 Earlier this week, while I was working out of the house, Nox was rolling about in her bed and folded one ear down. She looked like she was missing an ear. I told her to “shake” and she shook her head. The ear popped up and Nox had two ears again. We […]

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Nox’s New RV Bed

August 12, 2021 We have been using the large Kong bed for Nox at the RV. The large bed worked really well in the house when we had two dogs, but now that Luna is gone, the need for a large bed is also gone. The large bed takes up a significant amount of floor […]

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