Oh, the Pain!!!!!

November 24, 2022

First off, Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the USA!

This morning, I got dressed except for my shoes and headed down the flight of stairs in my RV.

My foot slipped and I came down hard. My butt hit the floor and my back hit the part of the stairs that curves out.

It hurt!!! Bruce saw it and couldn’t believe I fell again. Thankfully, I did not hurt my ankle again. My butt and back are not happy with me, however, I am able to move around and get things done.

Nox was very unhappy and scared that I fell. Nox was behind me with Bruce and saw the whole slip and fall. She was very clingy to Bruce for a while afterwards.

Nox has recovered from Julia’s scary fall and is now hanging out with me.

19 thoughts on “Oh, the Pain!!!!!

  1. You forgot the part about the eggnog. With 2 stairs, there must have been eggnog. 😈 Just kidding and I hope you feel better soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Bruce and the Noxster. Did you cook a turkey in the RV?

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    1. I wish I could excuse it with eggnog, but sadly, it was first thing in the morning, on the way to the kitchen. No turkey this year, instead we had crab stuffed mushrooms, lamb chops, salad, roasted eggplant and onions, roasted rosemary potatoes, homemade yeast rolls, and pecan pie.

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    1. They do have a glossy sheen. I felt my sock slide right over them. They are textured – I think it is called rough hewed- but the put the varnish over that. I have never felt unsafe on the steps before. Maybe we can find something to put on them.


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