Bad Pedestal at RV Park

March 27, 2021

On March 19, we went to spend the night in the RV. We got there and unpacked some items. I made up the bed with the new mattress pad and sheets. Everything fit the bed, which was a relief.

I set up my phone to be a hot spot, which was very easy. We connected the main tv to the phone and then had some trouble finding how to download apps on it. Finding the apps on the RV tv wasn’t as easy as the finding the apps on the tv we have in our sticks and bricks home. We did get it set up and we were watching tv with Nox switching between laps.

Suddenly, the tv and fireplace went dark, as well as the furnace stopped running. Bruce went out and checked the Surge Guard that we had on the pedestal. It was saying that there was a problem with open ground and reverse polarity. It was just after 11:30 PM, so we headed back to the house, as it was to cold to stay without heat in the RV.

We didn’t make it back to RV for a few days. Bruce went back on March 25th, to have a police officer to fill out the VIN verification form so we can get a tag. The RV was completely without power, as the batteries had run down. Note: We need to understand the solar system better so that doesn’t happen again.

Bruce stopped at the office and told them about the electrical problem. The park maintenance came right out. The park had a cord that went from inside the pedestal to plug in to an electric meter. Bruce watched as the park maintenance turned off the pedestal and removed the plug. The plug had melted and one of the prongs was stuck in the outlet. Bruce was impressed with how quickly the park maintenance resolved the issue.

The Surge Guard did its job and prevented the electric problems at the pedestal from frying our electronics.

With the power restored, Bruce stayed at the RV until lunch time and after I got off work, we headed over to the RV. We took Nox for a walk on the dog trail. While some of the trail was gravel, up higher, the trail was slippery mud with some snow on it. Nox seemed to enjoy the mud, but Bruce and I slide in the mud, but luckily we didn’t fall. The trail made a loop, so we didn’t have to take the same way down, which was a very step trail down made up of slick mud. Our shoes were covered in a thick clay mud when we got back. We left them on the steps.

We phoned in an order for dinner at a nearby restaurant and Bruce walked over and picked up the food. We ate dinner at the bar, watched some tv and then took Nox for a short walk.

We got ready for bed and got to try out our new bedding. We slept well and when the alarm went off at 6:00 AM, we got up and got dressed to go to the bathrooms. While I was putting Nox’s harness on her, Bruce headed over to the bathrooms. I was just heading out with Nox, when Bruce came back. I handed the leash over to Bruce and headed to the bathrooms.

When I got back, Bruce and I looked through the RV and grabbed what we needed to take back to the house. Bruce clipped Nox into the truck and I put empty boxes into the truck. We made it back to the house by 6:30 AM, which gave me time to eat breakfast and be at work at 7:00 AM. Getting to work is very easy, since I am working from home.

9 thoughts on “Bad Pedestal at RV Park

    1. Yes, they were very quick to fix the problem. It turns out several people had the same issue with their power and one person didn’t have a surge protector and they lost some electronics.

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