New State Sticker for Maps

April 22, 2022 One of the things RVers often do, is get a map so they can put sticker of the states they have visited. Each RVer makes up their rules about when they can add a sticker. Our rule is pretty simple. We have to spend the night in the state in our RV […]

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Put Up Day Clock

February 27, 2022 Today, I spent some time going through my retirement gifts from my co-workers. I rediscovered the keychain given to me. I also picked out a place to install the Day Clock my director gave me. The Day Clock looks very nice on my hall wall!

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RV Sewer Support Hose

January 27, 2022 There are a few things you have to get when you purchase an RV. One of the most important things to buy is the sewer hose and sewer hose support. You need someway to manage waste. Most RVs don’t come with a sewer hose or a sewer hose support. Our RV did […]

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Heated RV Hose

January 18, 2022 One of my readers commented on my blog post, Woke to Frozen Cold Water Line, suggesting that having a heated RV hose might have helped. As one of our RV accessories, we have a heated RV hose. Dakota Ridge RV Park requires heated water hoses for their winter campers who are connected […]

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New Mattress at RV

October 4, 2021 The RV came with a memory foam mattress. The mattress was great for about 5 to 6 months. Then we noticed it was not bouncing back. The mattress had developed dips where we slept. These dips were causing back pain. We switched the mattress from top to bottom and that helped while […]

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Nox’s New RV Bed

August 12, 2021 We have been using the large Kong bed for Nox at the RV. The large bed worked really well in the house when we had two dogs, but now that Luna is gone, the need for a large bed is also gone. The large bed takes up a significant amount of floor […]

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Replacing Cabinet Handles in RV

August 11, 2021 While I really liked the look of the cabinet handles that came with the RV, they have two major problems. The handles stick out enough to cause all sorts of mischief. The ends of these cabinet pulls catch on sleeves, pockets, belt loops, and even shoe laces, jerking us to an unexpected […]

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