Problem with a Kitchen Slide

September 3, 2022 When we arrived at Cave Country RV Park, we had a problem with the kitchen slide that holds the sink. This slide is against the island stove. With this slide in, we can’t use the stove, oven and sink. The slide would start to extend, then the side towards the front of […]

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Rig Weight

August 23, 2022 One of my blog friends asked about the weight of the rig. I thought instead of replying in a comment, I would do a post. Dave and Tina Rayburn, Weighing Specialist proved a report after weighing the rig. On the tow vehicle, Cliff the Big Red Truck, here is the axel measurement […]

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Getting the Total Rig Weighed

August 21, 2022 On Friday, we had the truck weighed. On Saturday, on our way out, we had the total rig (truck and RV) weighed. First, we had to dump everything in our tanks. Since our campsite didn’t have a sewer hookup, we had to use the dump station. Once Bruce dumped the tanks, he […]

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Getting the Truck Weighed

August 19, 2022 Bruce signed up to get the RV weighed while we are at the FROG Rally. The team that does the weighing wanted to weight the truck first. They wanted a full tank of diesel and everyone who would normally be in the truck for the weighing. We will pull the RV up […]

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Third Travel Day

February 1, 2022 It is hard to believe that it is already the first of February. We had some adventures today and not in a good way. We knew there would be downsides and problems (non-fun adventures) to the retirement RV dream. In Texas, we left the RV park at 8:30 am and head east […]

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Woke to Frozen Cold Water Line

January 6, 2022 This morning, the outside temperature had dropped to 3 degrees F, with another load of snow. When we got up this morning, the RV temperature was what we expected, it was in the low 60’s F. Bruce got up and went to the bathroom and he discovered the bathroom didn’t have any […]

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