Fun Evening at Wrigley’s

March 29, 2021

On March 28, for supper, we walked from the RV park to Wrigley’s Chicago Bar and Grill in Golden, CO. Wrigley’s had a live band playing covers. The band was excellent; their female vocalist was impressive.

While we looked over the menus, Bruce ordered an on-tap hoppy beer and I ordered a lemonade. Our drinks came right out. We discussed what we might want to order while we sipped our drinks.

I ordered the gyro with fries and Bruce ordered the Buffalo Style burger with fries. The fries were so good when they were hot. The fries were crispy on the outside. Bruce was impressed by the amount of bleu cheese on the burger. He said there wasn’t as much Buffalo sauce as he had hoped. The Tzatziki sauce for the gyro was very thick. I had never had Tzatziki sauce that thick before. We both enjoyed our food.

At different times, we would see the wait staff going by with THE HOLY GRAIL OF PRETZELS “Barvarian Style.” The pretzels were huge!

I love pretzels and wanted one, but I knew better than to order it, as it would be way to much food. Bruce and I discussed coming back and just ordering a couple of appetizers for lunch; one being a pretzel.

We also talked about how this will be our life once I retire. Sometimes, we will be able to walk to restaurants from the RV park. We’ll be able to go for hikes because the trails are near the RV park. Sometimes, we will need to ride into town or to a trailhead. Mostly, we expect to eat at the RV and take Nox for local walks.

After Bruce finished his second beer, we paid our tab and walked back to the RV park. I noticed there is a sidewalk on the other side of the street. Next time, we’ll consider walking along the sidewalk.

Once we got back to the RV, we took Nox for a short walk. She had already had two long walks, but she was ready to go for another walk.

Heading Out of the RV Park – There Was an Event Across the Street

2 thoughts on “Fun Evening at Wrigley’s

  1. What? Wrigley’s is not dog friendly? Humph. Oh yeah, I just remembered that Colorado is largely dog unfriendly despite what must be one of the highest proportions of dog ownership in the US. Oh well, I trust some snacks were smuggled back to Miss Nox as a reward for her patience.

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    1. Nox wouldn’t have liked the loud music. She’s got sensitive ears. They might have let her on the deck. I didn’t see any signs about dogs. She did get a treat when we got back for her patience.

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