Replacing Cabinet Handles in RV

August 11, 2021 While I really liked the look of the cabinet handles that came with the RV, they have two major problems. The handles stick out enough to cause all sorts of mischief. The ends of these cabinet pulls catch on sleeves, pockets, belt loops, and even shoe laces, jerking us to an unexpected […]

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RV Bathroom Accessories

May 14, 2021 The RV bathroom have a very small counter. To get some extra room, I purchased a toothbrush and toothpaste holder. It needed to be installed on a smooth surface, so I couldn’t put it on the side of the sink, since the wall is covered with wallpaper. The mirror is so large, […]

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Bad Pedestal at RV Park

March 27, 2021 On March 19, we went to spend the night in the RV. We got there and unpacked some items. I made up the bed with the new mattress pad and sheets. Everything fit the bed, which was a relief. I set up my phone to be a hot spot, which was very […]

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First RV Accessories

March 27, 2021 I am glad I have been watch RV channels on YouTube and reading RV blogs. If not, I would have been surprised by the number of additional accessories the RV needs. What came with the RV: LCI Waste Management System (20 foot sewer hose system) 50 amp power cord (I am not […]

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