Hail Storm Pounds RV

June 13, 2021 We had a hailstorm this afternoon. It was loud, almost as if we were in a popcorn pan. Poor little Nox was frightened by all the racket and she wanted a pick up. Bruce held her and she calmed right down. She was no longer frightened as she snuggled into Bruce’s arms. […]

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RV Moving Day – In New Spot

June 9, 202 Using Changing Lane’s check list, with a few items added on from the FROG checklist, we got the RV closed up, hitched, and ready to go. We turned on our walkie-talkies so I could warn Bruce of any problems as he pulled out of the spot. Part way out of the park […]

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RV Washing Machine Works!

May 18, 2021 Saturday, I thought I’d try to de-winterize the RV washing machine again. I verified that there was still bleach in the correct spots and that the dial was turned to the correct setting. With hope that things would go better this time, I turned on the machine and pressed the start button […]

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Progress and Knocked Silly

May 5, 2021 On Monday, we had a structural engineer come and look at the house. There were some cracks in the sheetrock along the stairs that worried our realtor. I know we have shifting soil in this area, so her worries were catching. The structural engineer looked at everything and said there had been […]

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De-Winterizing the RV

April 8, 2021 Since the weather forecast for the next ten days was predicting above freezing overnight, we decided to de-winterize the RV on Saturday, April 3. We wanted to flush the RV antifreeze from the plumbing system. I was very excited by the idea of having running water in the RV. We hadn’t had […]

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Getting the RV Tag

April 1, 2021 I checked to see if we could get our RV tag online. We couldn’t apply for our RV tag online, as we had bought our RV out of state. The paperwork needed to get the tag was the bill of sale, the title, and a VIN verification form. Bruce took over getting […]

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