Nox’s New RV Bed

August 12, 2021

We have been using the large Kong bed for Nox at the RV. The large bed worked really well in the house when we had two dogs, but now that Luna is gone, the need for a large bed is also gone.

The large bed takes up a significant amount of floor space in the RV living room.

I recently ordered a smaller memory foam bed for Nox. I got it on Wednesday and took it out of the packaging. The instructions said to let the memory foam and pillows expand naturally for at least 12 hours. That worked well for me, as I took the memory foam and pillows out of the packaging during lunch and left them alone until we came back to the house the next day.

Just Taken out of the Packaging

When I got the house the next morning, the memory foam had expanded and the pillows had fluffed up. It was time to put the bed together. The instructions were easy to follow and the bed was simple to put together.

I put the new bed down for Nox to examine it. She wasn’t interested in the bed until I put a treat on it. Then, she was very interested.

She then decided that she would rather hang out in her old large bed that we have at the house.

Nox Ignoring Her New Bed

When we got back to the RV last night, I put her large bed in the truck and put her new bed on the floor.

New Bed in RV

After being told several times that the new bed was Bed, Nox decided to try it out as a bed.

Nox in Her New Bed*

*The towels are Nox’s towels. She likes to burry her toys in them, so we leave them out for her to play with them. I pick them up when we have company.

She comfortably slept in her new bed last night, so we will now have a lot more space in the living room and no longer have to move Nox’s bed around to get to the cabinets above the couch.

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