Bison Spotted at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

August 15, 2021

Yesterday, a friend came over to get a tour of the RV and to go hiking with us.

After giving him the tour of our RV, Bruce drove to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. We parked by the building next to the lakes and took one of the trails to Lake Mary.

There some flowers blooming along side the trails. The flowers had many different types of bees, bumble bees, Italian honey bees, and many small wild bees. There were Monarchs and Greystreaks butterflies.

We hiked over to Lake Mary. From the board walk, we saw schools of blue gill swimming next to the cattails. We watched dazzles of dragonflies and damselflies flying over the water and cattails. As we watched the dragonflies and fish, we noticed rustling in the cattails. We talked among ourselves about what it might be, when a deer stepped out and started drinking from the lake.

After hiking around Lake Mary, we hiked over to Lake Ladora. We proceeded to hike around Lake Ladora. We saw cormorants, gulls, egrets, and a grey heron.

After we hiked around Lake Ladora, a 1.8 mile hike, we hiked back to the truck. It was good to get into air conditioning!

Bruce drove us around the Wildlife drive. We started looking for bison and our friend spotted two off in the distance. As Bruce continued around the loop, I spotted the several more much closer on the driver’s side.

We continued around the loop and the prairie dogs were out, chirping. Where we saw the deer last time, there were at least three deer there again. I was not on the passenger side, so I couldn’t get a good picture of them.

Bruce drove us back to the RV and we walked Nox around. We then got lunch at the Great Greek Mediterranean Grill. They have great food!

Our friend took off and we spent some time with Nox.

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