Replacing Cabinet Handles in RV

August 11, 2021

While I really liked the look of the cabinet handles that came with the RV, they have two major problems.

Original RV Hardware

The handles stick out enough to cause all sorts of mischief. The ends of these cabinet pulls catch on sleeves, pockets, belt loops, and even shoe laces, jerking us to an unexpected halt. Worse, sometimes they caused a faceplant into the cabinet as clothes caught or causing me to trip as a shoe lace caught.

They stick out enough to be hit and cause bruises when trying to squeeze by them in tight quarters. I suffered bruises on my legs as I maneuvered between the bed and the closet.

I had hoped that over time that we would get used to the cabinet pulls, but we continued to find our clothes caught as we tried to move around the RV.

Enough was enough, so Bruce went to a big box store to see if he could find some handles we would like that weren’t clothes catchers. He found three and he determined that they would fit using the existing holes.

We checked online to see if we could find a cheaper price, when we discovered a different handle that we liked better, Cosmas 4003BN Black Nickel Modern Cabinet Hardware Arch Bow Handle Pull. I like the shinny black.

Replacement Hardware

Bruce replaced the most dangerous handles first. It was so nice not to have to worry about getting caught by the handles or hitting the edges of the handles with the backs of my calves. This simple change has made a huge difference.

Bruce is now wondering what we should do with the original handles. They are nicely made and good quality. I don’t have an answer for him. It would be nice if we could sell them and recoup some of the cost of replacing the handles.

11 thoughts on “Replacing Cabinet Handles in RV

  1. We have the same problem in my parents kitchen where we are living! There are so many, not sure if we will get around the changing them out. Your new ones look nice. I bet you could sell the old ones on Craig’s List.

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  2. We have pulls in the kitchen similar to your originals and they grab my cargo shorts when I pass by but at least there are no space constraints like on an RV. I always found cabinet/drawer pulls a very easy thing to sell. Last time I used the NextDoor app and they were gone in a day or so but there are many other apps for selling.

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