Waking Up to Water Dripping on the Bed

March 28, 2023

Last night, we had very strong thunderstorms with heavy rainfall with wind and thunder.

At 4:00 am this morning, we woke to the sound of running water in the RV. Bruce jumped up and turned on the bedroom lights. When he opened the bedroom door, he discovered Nox lying up against the door.

There was a wet spot on the bed below one of the LED light fixtures on my side of the bed. We could see water dripping out.

Bruce did a practice removal with the light on his side of the bed first. He had read how to deal with the lights in the Riverstone group on Facebook, so he had some idea of what he was doing.

I went and got my largest bowl and held it underneath the fixture while Bruce undid the fixture from the ceiling. The fixture had filled up with water, so when Bruce removed it, water splashed into the bowl.

The ceiling dried out quickly and we didn’t get a stain. We could tell the direction the water came from by putting our fingers into the hole.

There was no going back to sleep. As soon as it was light without rain and wind, Bruce climbed onto the roof. He discovered a puddle of water between the bathroom fan and bathroom skylight. He believes the water is getting into the ceiling as the puddle builds up.

He swept away the water and checked to see if he could spot a problem in the sealant. He said it was loose and he believes there is a spot that allows water in.

We drove Camping World and picked up some self leveling sealant. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so he will be working on removing the sealant and replacing it.

19 thoughts on “Waking Up to Water Dripping on the Bed

    1. The roof is a single membrane. Bruce believes the seal around the skylight is leaking and the water found a low spot…right over the bed! Yes, Miss Nox was no where near the wet spot! We didn’t even suspect her!


    1. Luckily, no rain is forecast in the next few days, so that should give Bruce a chance to get the seals redone. If I had been sleeping in my normal spot, I would’ve gotten wet! The Water didn’t make it through the mattress pad, so the mattress didn’t get wet.

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  1. That’s not a nice way to be woken in the middle of the night, hopefully Bruce is on the right track and the problem is fixed tomorrow … you have to love been married to a handy guy 🙂

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      1. And I am grateful that storm didn’t come through here – I’m keeping a careful eye on the weather as I haven’t gone on the roof to recover the roof vent, which has a lid on order, but not in time for this trip, and I’ve been covering it with heavy plastic and gorilla tape. The last one lasted about 2000 miles, but flew off once I got to Florida. As long as it doesn’t rain, I’m liking the ventilation.

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      2. The weather has been lovely, temperature wise. We’ve had a fair bit of rain and last night was a gully washer. The river is up several inches and muddy right now.

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