Electrical Problems in the RV

January 20, 2023 On our way to Florida, we noticed the inverter wasn’t running. At a rest stop, Bruce pulled the battery tray out and checked the wiring. When he pushed the tray back into its compartment, the inverter started working. Once we got to the RV park, our site was located under the live […]

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Ant Invasions

November 6, 2022 I don’t normally mind ants, as long as they aren’t the evil fire ants, but I don’t like them in my RV. We’ve had three ant invasions since we started RVing. The first invasion was while we were at Poverty Point State Park in Louisiana. The ants climbed up the water hose […]

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Broken Convection Microwave Oven

July 22, 2022 A couple of weeks ago, I was going to cook boudin sausage using the convection oven part of the convection microwave oven. I turned on the convection oven to preheat and I noticed an electrical burning smell. I told Bruce that the convection oven had a bad smell. He didn’t seem to […]

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