Drinks and Nibbles with New Friends

March 30, 2023

Last night, we had some new friends over for drinks and nibbles.

I made meat pies, cucumber dip and crackers. I also cooked some rounds of smoked German sausage. I put together a charcuterie board of cheese, crackers and the rounds of the German smoked sausage.

Our new friends brought over a veggie tray with a buttermilk dip.

We enjoyed the nibbles and drinks in the kitchen.

We moved into the living room with drinks and sat around and talked.

We heard someone calling out to Bruce and another friend was outside. He and his wife are staying at the RV a park next to the RV park we are staying in.

He had been out riding his electric bicycle and stopped by. We invited him in and offered drinks and food, but he declined, as his wife would have supper ready soon. He stayed and talked a while.

He realized it was getting dark and said he needed to head out before his wife sent out a search and rescue team.

Our new friends also headed out at that time since they had a scheduled FaceTime call with their daughter and the grandkids.

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