Washing the RV

March 3, 2023 On Wednesday (March 1), we decided the weather was perfect for washing the RV. It was overcast with no wind. Bruce went to the office to pay the $10 fee to wash the RV. They told him they would add it to next month’s bill. We brought out our Aero Cosmetics Kit […]

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Electrical Problems in the RV

January 20, 2023 On our way to Florida, we noticed the inverter wasn’t running. At a rest stop, Bruce pulled the battery tray out and checked the wiring. When he pushed the tray back into its compartment, the inverter started working. Once we got to the RV park, our site was located under the live […]

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So Cold!

December 24, 2022 We had a low of 12 degrees F last night. The furnace ran most of the night to keep us warm. We also ran the resistance heaters to keep everything warm. To prepare for the cold, we used our heated water hose. To help prevent the waterlines from freezing in the TV, […]

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Ant Invasions

November 6, 2022 I don’t normally mind ants, as long as they aren’t the evil fire ants, but I don’t like them in my RV. We’ve had three ant invasions since we started RVing. The first invasion was while we were at Poverty Point State Park in Louisiana. The ants climbed up the water hose […]

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