Along the Shores of Lake Allatoona in Georgia

October 10, 2022

We packed up the RV today for a reasonably short drive.

I use rolled towels to keep items from falling over in the fridge. I put the rolled towels on the shelves and then lock the fridge. (I had a couple of problems with tension rods, so I no longer use them. I have not had any problems with the rolled up towels approach.)

I put Nox in the truck and she was happy to look around. She did drop her ears a bit when she saw me with the phone. She doesn’t like to have my face blocked by the phone.

Here’s Cliff, the Big Red Truck getting ready to have the RV hitched to it.

We left River Ridge Retreat in Guntersville, Alabama just before 11:30 AM and reached the Victoria Campground on Lake Allatoona Woodstock, Georgia at just after 4:00 PM. We had a time zone change, from Central to Eastern.

Along the way, we drove through the mountains and some plains.

Here is our new campsite!

Nox enjoyed her walk and we enjoyed the scenery.

The leaves have started changing and add to the beautiful scenery.

7 thoughts on “Along the Shores of Lake Allatoona in Georgia

    1. It is lovely! I enjoy seeing the sunshine through the fall leaves. I do miss the aspens in Colorado. Walking in an aspen forest with the golden leaves on a sunny fall day is like walking in a Monet painting.


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