An Evening in Guntersville, AL

While we were in River Ridge Retreat at Lake Guntersville, AL, on September 30, 2022, we meet up with our friend who had been staying in the Lake Guntersville State Park Campground. We parked at the Guntersville Welcome center and started walking along the Sunset Trail.

The Sunset Trail is next to Lake Guntersville in Guntersville. The trail gives a beautiful view of the lake. It follows the peninsula from one bridge to another.


The trail goes past a wooden pier that people can fish from. I didn’t take pictures of the pier this time.

Past the pier is a garden with a heart sculpture. There are a lot of trees at the garden. There is a bald eagles’ nest in one of the tall pines. We saw two bald eagles flying while we were walking along the trail. I was unable to get a picture of them.

Bald Eagle Nest
Zoomed in on Nest

We stopped at the pier on the way back to watch the sunset. Then we continued walking. The eastern sky was stunning. The western sky didn’t look like much.

Beautiful Colors on the Way Back to Truck
A Sliver of the Moon

We got back to the Welcome Center and moved the truck to parking for the City Harbor. The City Harbor is a happening place in Guntersville. It is built on a stable pier and has several restaurants. You can sail up to the dock and tie up your boat.

You get lovely views from City Harbor and can see the lodge at the Lake Guntersville Srate Park from the end.

It was so crowded that we couldn’t get into any of the restaurants on the pier. There is a brew pub called The Brewers Cooperative next to the pier and it wasn’t as busy. We were able to get seated right away.

They had good pub food. I had a very good hamburger and Bruce had the blacked redfish. Our friend had their Co-op Burger. He felt all the individual ingredients were amazing, but the combination didn’t quite work.

After eating, we said goodbye to our friend as he headed back to his condo and we headed back to our RV.

Nox was happy to see us!

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