Nox Hanging Out with Me

July 21, 2022

Since I hurt my ankle again, (see for the original story) Nox has been a sweetie pie. She keeps me company on the theater seating while I am icing my ankle, compressing it, and keeping it raised.

Yes, you can see mosquitoes bites on my legs. We went hiking before I hurt my ankle again and the mosquitoes discovered me!

4 thoughts on “Nox Hanging Out with Me

  1. What would do without our furbabies?! I am so fearful of mosquitos that I’ll wear jeans or long pants on a hot day if I know there’ll be mosquitos around. I just get a really bad reaction to them (large, red, swollen area that lasts for several days).

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    1. I have a bad reaction as well, which is why you can see the bites on my legs. I should’ve been wearing bug spray or jeans. I know better, but it was hot, so I was wearing shorts.


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