Ouch! I Really Did That?

July 12, 2022

I hurt my ankle again.

On Saturday, we were walking Nox for her nightly sniff and pee walk.

My ankle wasn’t bothering me anymore. I didn’t even think, I untied my shoes and tried to toe off my left shoe. Oh the pain!!!! I somehow caused it to twist when I was toeing off my shoe and I hurt my ankle again.

It isn’t very swollen this time. I am icing it and compressing it.

See this post on how I hurt my ankle originally: https://retirementrvdream.com/2022/05/30/i-fell-and-is-it-noxs-fault/

15 thoughts on “Ouch! I Really Did That?

    1. I just wouldn’t think that toeing off shoes could cause cramps. I hate getting cramps in my calves. I sometimes wake up with them. At least I can get Bruce to bring me some apple cider vinegar to relieve the cramps.

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    1. We are still in Lake Village, Arkansas. We are leaving tomorrow to head to Memphis. My ankle is still bothering me since I hurt it. I hope things are going well for you and your family.


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