Warfield Point Park in Mississippi

July 19, 2022

We visited Warfield Point Park in Mississippi, along the Mississippi River. We bought Nox along.

The boardwalk was not usable and was blocked off with a No Thru Traffic sign on the side closest to the parking lot. The large sign was in sad shape.

We walked over to the pavilion and boardwalk. The pavilion was in good shape. We walked along the edge of park beside the boardwalk. We could look down the entrance to Lake Furguson and see the rice mill.

While I wanted to climb the tower, I was a bit concerned about how my ankle would hold up. I was able to climb the tower by holding on to both sides of the railing and being very careful how I stepped. I came down the same way. It took quite a while. Bruce carried Nox up and down the stairs.

Up top, Nox was enjoying looking over the side while Bruce kept her on a very short leash.

Dazzles of dragonflies flitted about. I was lucky enough to get some pictures of the flying dragonflies.

There were several large fields nearby. Bruce decided to use the bathroom and found it was not in working order. I suggested that the bathrooms in the campground should be in working order. He drove to the campground and parked in front of the bathrooms. Nox and I stayed in the truck. My ankle had enough, even with my hiking boot laced tightly to provide support.

As we rolled through the campground, it looked like it could use some work. The overall layout was nice looking. The sites were mostly shaded. I did not see a boat ramp, but there is one.

The park also has disc golf, a playground, and ATV trails. The disc golf course looked new. There was parking for the ATV trails.

Since we didn’t pick up a map, I don’t know if it had hiking trails.

This is a nice park for being near the river and for picnics.

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      1. I suppose it is the same everywhere. By my calculations, fuel prices are impossible. Our vehicle uses diesel, 2€/liter or a bit over $9/gallon with the conversion. Unsettling times.

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