Nox Ready for a Walk

July 3, 2022

After we got back from Winterville Mounds (, we lazed about, reading and playing on the computer.

When it was evening, Nox decided she needed to go for a walk.

Nox Asking for Walk

I put her harness on her and Bruce carried Nox down the steps. The sky was beautiful.

We walked to the back of the RV a park, into the pecan grove and field.

The sunset was a stunning blend of pinks and purples.

As we walked through the pecan trees, I saw a bat fly overhead. I pointed it out to Bruce. We started seeing lots of bats. They were all flying from one direction. We tried to figure out where the bats were flying from. We walked towards the origin of the flight path, but we stopped seeing bats flying overhead. We plan to see if we can figure it out another evening.

The pictures I took of the bats looked like UFOs, so I deleted them. Maybe I should have shared them. You might have gotten a laugh.

Nox was ready to go back home after we watched the bats. I am impressed with how quickly Nox maps out a new area and knows where the RV is.

7 thoughts on “Nox Ready for a Walk

  1. Great photo of Nox! I know how hard it is to get the eyes to show on a black dog. Fingers crossed for more bat sitings; let’s hope they keep the mosquitos down.

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