Winterville Mounds Outside of Greenville, MS

July 2, 2022

After our visit to the Greenville Cypress Preserve (, we headed to the Winterville Mounds.

The museum was closed due to renovations. It is an interesting building, as it mimics a mound.

There is a picnic area and a long pond at the font of the site.

To get to the mounds, you walk behind the museum and cross a wooden bridge. this picture is looking back at the museum after crossing the bridge.

There is a mown path to the large mound and informational sign placed along the path.

I was disappointed that the signs only made where Mound A was clear. It was not clear what the other mounds were.

At the pavilion at the front of the park, the concrete had a symbol in it.

The field had several dazzles of orange-red dragonflies dashing about. I was unable to get pictures of these dragonflies.

We enjoyed walking around and seeing the site. The bathrooms for the picnic area were open.

5 thoughts on “Winterville Mounds Outside of Greenville, MS

  1. I figured you would find the Winterville site and visit! A lot of the mounds here are not marked. Some are on private land, but some are just not publicly identified. I stopped off at Winterville on one of my Delta trips to Greenville to see a student. Somewhere around there, a house is built on top of a mound, and many were plowed over for fields. These were years ago, when that sort of destruction was more common.

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