Rude Nox

July 4, 2022

One evening last week, we were walking Nox when a little light brown dog came running up. It was just a tad larger than Nox.

The dogs sniffed each other and then the other dog took off running. Nox tried to follow, but her leash wouldn’t allow her to run off. Nox was not happy that she had to be on a leash while this other dog got to run free.

Bruce and I wanted to find the little brown dog’s owners and return her. We started walking down the row the little brown dog had discovered Nox.

We saw a lady outside of her RV and Bruce asked if she knew someone who had a little brown dog about the size of our dog.

The lady said the dog was hers, but that she was not in good enough shape to catch the dog. Bruce volunteered to try and catch the little brown dog while I kept Nox under control. Nox desperately wanted to follow Bruce and play.

The little brown dog ran so fast, she reminded me of how fast Nox could run when Nox was a young dog.

Bruce tricked the little brown dog by getting her name from the lady, kneeling down, opening up his arms, and calling her. The dog saw the open arms and ran right to Bruce and jumped into his arms.

Bruce stood up and brought her back, telling her what a good dog she was.

The owner was very grateful to Bruce and said thank you several times. She then snapped a leash onto the dog’s collar. The leash was long and the little brown dog ran as close to the road and Nox as the leash would allow.

Nox was not happy with the dog anymore. Nox turned her back on the little brown dog and did a kick dance, kicking dust into the air at the little brown dog.

I thought Nox was being rude, but Bruce was not sure and thought Nox may have been playing.

I looked up the meaning of the kick dance when we got back to the RV.

“The sweat glands on a dog’s paws produce pheromones. The latter refers to a chemical substance which mammals and insects excrete.

A pheromones’ scent can be spread when canines kick on surfaces. The scent of it serves as a territory marker in dogs.”

Nox was marking her territory right out of reach of the little brown dog. I believe Nox did this because Bruce had paid so much attention to the little brown dog and Nox was a lot jealous. Nox felt she had to tell the other dog off.

You wouldn’t think cute little Nox could be so rude, but Nox certainly was rude to the little brown dog.

Upside Down Nox After Her Walk

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