Wildlife Encounter

March 17, 2022 Bruce took Nox for her morning walk while I took my shower. When he got back, he told me that they had a wildlife encounter. He noticed a small bird with a twig fly into the truck wheel well. His first thought was the bird might be trying to build a nest […]

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Jekyll Island Historic District

March 13, 2022 Yesterday, after we finished up with the tasks my father-in-law had for us, Bruce and I headed over to the Historic District on Jekyll Island, GA. We had hoped to attend the Art Festival, but they had already closed for the day. As we walked through the Historic District, I took some […]

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Another Pond In Campsite

March 13, 2022 Last night, we confirmed we didn’t have any problems from the lake. The rig was level and the electrical was fine. We disconnected our water last night since it was supposed to freeze. We didn’t want to have any problems due to freezing. This morning, Bruce got a text from the RV […]

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Camping in a Lake!

March 12, 2022 When we got back to the rig last night, all the water had drained away. It was nice not to have to try and wade through the water to get in the RV. We had another thunderstorm last night and we woke up to a lake! There was no way out without […]

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