On Our Way to New Campground

March 31, 2021 I am posting from the truck as we head to our new campground. We did some packing up last night. Most of the getting ready we did this morning. We left the campground at 10:28 am. Since our tanks were full, we needed to dump them. We were careful with our water […]

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Nox and the Lizard

March 26, 2022 I was sitting in my father-in-law’s atrium with Nox. Nox was wondering around sniffing things. I noticed a lizard running a long the floor and when it noticed me, it ran away. The lizard climbed onto the bottom of the ironwork. I zoomed in with my phone camera and got some good […]

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Septic System Sorta Recovered

March 25, 2022 We had several sunny days and the septic system at the KOA seems to have recovered. Thankfully, we no longer have the stench from The Bog of Eternal Stench. Yesterday, we had rain most of the day. The lake came back partway through the day. The park once again set up a […]

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