Another Pond In Campsite

March 13, 2022

Last night, we confirmed we didn’t have any problems from the lake. The rig was level and the electrical was fine.

We disconnected our water last night since it was supposed to freeze. We didn’t want to have any problems due to freezing.

This morning, Bruce got a text from the RV park. The water was off in the park.

When we opened our door, there was another pond in our campsite. Our first thought was more rain had flooded our site, but we noticed the water pipe next door bubbling water. That made sense; it hadn’t rained last night.

A campground worker showed up as we opened the door wider to get to our single step off towards the front of the RV. The step allows us to be above the water in our campsite.

The campground worker asked Bruce what had happened. Bruce told him that he didn’t know, that was the next campsite over water supply and not our supply. Bruce said that we heard the camper leave.

I am guessing they had their water line freeze and removed the spigot to get their hose off and then didn’t tell anyone about the broken spigot.

Nox got her walk and then we left for Jekyll Island. Bruce’s dad was kind enough to allow us to shower at his house.

8 thoughts on “Another Pond In Campsite

    1. If we were trying to do more at the campground, this would be a real inconvenience, but since we are driving to Jekyll Island and spending our days there it isn’t as bad.

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