Jekyll Island Historic District

March 13, 2022

Yesterday, after we finished up with the tasks my father-in-law had for us, Bruce and I headed over to the Historic District on Jekyll Island, GA.

We had hoped to attend the Art Festival, but they had already closed for the day.

As we walked through the Historic District, I took some pictures of the outside of some of the historic buildings.

I have been inside the Faith Chapel in the past. The Tiffany stained glass window from inside is amazing!

Here are some of the cottages we walked past.

You can stay at some of the cottages or rent them out for an event. The family rented one of the cottages for Bruce’s parents 50th wedding anniversary many years ago.

There are several shops in the smaller historic buildings.

The historic hotel grounds are beautiful.

The hotel offers a very good discount rate in January.

We had parked by the carriage house. It looks like the carriage house is not being kept up.

6 thoughts on “Jekyll Island Historic District

  1. Nice shots, Julia! What the millionaires called “cottages” are really enormous – reminds me of the “cottages” along the Atlantic Ocean in my home area in New Jersey. Again, very wealthy owners at the time. Many succumbed to “Jersey Lightning” (arson by owners to collect insurance).

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