Camping in a Lake!

March 12, 2022

When we got back to the rig last night, all the water had drained away. It was nice not to have to try and wade through the water to get in the RV.

We had another thunderstorm last night and we woke up to a lake! There was no way out without having to wade. The rig is straddling the lake our campsite has turned into.

The RV park put two sump pumps on our site to try and clear out the water.

10 thoughts on “Camping in a Lake!

    1. It is beautiful, but not located in the ideal spot. We are supposed to have temps down to 28 degrees tonight, so I hope the pond is gone by then. I don’t want to skate! I also am really hoping the weather will be clear for a few days before we leave. I can’t believe how much snow the South is getting!

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