More on the Lake Camping Spot

March 12, 2022

In my last post, I mentioned how we woke up to a lake surrounding our RV. We decided to stay in the RV until the water was pumped out of our site.

That didn’t work. Nox needed to go for a walk to at least pee and maybe poop.

Bruce waded barefoot through our lake to carry his boots to dry land (maybe damp land is a better description). He then waded back to get Nox. Bruce carried Nox while he waded barefoot through the lake to reach the shore.

Bruce dried off his feet, put on his boots, and took Nox for a walk. She was very happy to get outside and pee and then poop.

Having been outside, Bruce wanted to head back to his father’s place on Jekyll. Bruce had called his dad to let him know that we had a bit of a situation here (our RV site).

Bruce waded through the water and got out our extra step from the basement. He put it between the front of the RV and the rig. This gave me a dry platform to step from the steps. Another large step put me on damp ground underneath the slide.

Thanks to my former boss, I was wearing my bump stop in my hat and I was safe from damaging my head on the slide as I tried not to step into the water. I was carrying Nox’s bed and toys so she would be more comfortable at my father-in-law’s house.

Bruce put Nox in the truck and then backed the truck out. I got in once the truck was on the road. The passenger’s side of the truck was in about four inches of water where it had been parked.

We drove up to Jekyll and after Bruce finished a cup of coffee, we started working on the list of things to do around the house that Bruce’s father had put together.

Bruce and I both worried about leaving our RV in that much water.

When we got back to the RV, the lake was gone and the site was damp, but not soaking wet.

After we got Nox settled into the RV, Bruce asked me what percent I was worried about something bad having happened to the RV. I told him 30%. Bruce said he thought it was about the same for him. That originally, he would’ve said 10%, but after consideration, he thought 30% was about right.

6 thoughts on “More on the Lake Camping Spot

  1. Not that one “likes” all the issues you have had, but I do like that you are managing and doing ok so far. And, like that you are there for Bruce’s father at the moment. It is good that you can do that.

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