The Unpleasant Results of the Rain at the KOA

March 21, 2022

A couple of days ago, we started to notice a smell. To quote from the movie Labyrinth, “SMELL BAD!!!!!”

We thought someone may have had a major accident with their black tank. But no, the campground’s septic system is overwhelmed by the rain and has failed.

While I have written a couple of post about our flooded campsite, we have had several rainstorms since. The campground and our campsite continues to flood. Being on repeat for blogging just isn’t as interesting as blogging about some of the things we are doing or seeing. I haven’t bothered mentioning the repeat floods.

I did think the foul smell was worth mentioning. We had a fire in the fire ring last night and when the wind blew to the north, the stench was hideous. At least in the RV, we do not have the bad smell.

14 thoughts on “The Unpleasant Results of the Rain at the KOA

      1. I know! We tend to think of ourselves as free to do what we want. We are limited by where we want or need to be and available spaces for such a big rig.

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