Wildlife Encounter

March 17, 2022

Bruce took Nox for her morning walk while I took my shower.

When he got back, he told me that they had a wildlife encounter.

He noticed a small bird with a twig fly into the truck wheel well. His first thought was the bird might be trying to build a nest there.

The bird flew up to the pin box of the RV and stayed for a bit, then flew out, minus the twig.

Bruce looked into the pin box and found a partially constructed bird nest. He reached in an pulled some of the nest out.

He went to get a flashlight so he could see inside the pin box better. When he got back, there were two bird discussing what they should do!

The birds flew away as Bruce approached. With the flashlight, Bruce could see more of the nest and he pulled it all out and put it across the road into the woods.

Bruce moved the wires around to try and make the pin box less inviting for nesting. We store the break away cable and the light cable in the pin box when we are not hitched.

We are going to keep checking the pin box since we don’t want birds nesting in it.

I do feel bad for the birds, but it would have been worst for them if they had started nesting.

3 thoughts on “Wildlife Encounter

  1. We used to always have birds trying to nest in the wreath on our front door in our previous home. Dom would remove the partially built nests and would return to find another attempt at nesting building going on. The bird homebuilders are tenacious,

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