Crooked River State Park in Georgia

March 15, 2022

Yesterday, we woke to a dry campsite. This was the first morning we opened our door and did find a pond waiting for us.

We decided to go to the Crooked River State Park in Georgia. They allow friendly dogs on a six feet leash. We bought Nox.

There are many trails in this park, but no real trailheads. This park is for the people who are camping or renting cottages in the park. It is designed to get around by bicycle or golf cart. We did find a spot to park, but we weren’t sure it was a proper spot.

We paid the parking fee of $5.00 at the office. You could also rent bicycles at the office. The other people in the office were buying firewood.

We went to the boat ramp first and walked down to the dock. We saw signs about the manatees, but we didn’t see any. It isn’t warm enough yet for them.

We picked the Bay Boardwalk Trail to walk. It was a supposed to be a loop trail of 1.25 miles. We find boardwalks fun.

So we walked most of the way around the trail, only to discover the boardwalk section was closed. They had made a trail that turned off to the right that took us back to the observation tower. Signage was very poor at this spot. I had been impressed by the signs and blazes before this. We just hoped that the trail that went to the right was going to take us somewhere useful.

Once we got back to the observation tower, we retraced our steps. Part way back, we sat on one of the benches on the trail.

We walked back to the truck and Bruce drove past the cottages. I didn’t take any pictures of them, but the looked very nice from the outside. Some of them back up to the river and another group backs up to a playground and a screened in pavilion.

We decided to check out the Wildlife Viewing Platform.

I was expecting some sort of man made structure for the viewing platform, instead it was a lovely picnic spot. They had removed some trees and bushes along the riverbank so the river and marshes were visible.

Nox was tired by then, so we didn’t walk down to the shell middens.

We did stop and check out one of the shelters.

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