Getting Nox Comfortable in the RV

March 25, 2021

We want Nox to be comfortable in the RV. A few days ago, Bruce carried her bed, some dog food, bowls for food and water and three of her toys to the RV. He put her bed in the middle of the living room so she’ll be in all the action. He set out some food and water, making sure she saw it and knew where it was.

Bruce stayed at the RV most of the day, trying out the wifi and reading manuals. He would take breaks and walk Nox around the park. The park has a great dog trail along the side of the ridge it is named for. The trail goes all the way to the top of the ridge.

Nox loves going on walks and walking around the campground gave her a whole new set of smells! She wanted to stop every few feet and smell something.

After Bruce took her for a long walk, Nox settled into her bed and took a nap, snoring, very loudly.

I missed having Nox around while she was hanging out with Bruce at the RV. I have gotten use to her hanging out at my feet while I work, her begging me for treats, and being able to pet her by leaning down.

Another day, Bruce and I went to the RV, planning on staying overnight. We took Nox for a walk and when we got back, she slipped on the snow and ice covered stairs, falling behind them. It scared Bruce and me, but Nox seemed fine with it. I picked her up and carried her into the RV.

We are going to get carpet stair covers and hope that will keep Nox from slipping.

Nox Sleeping at My Feet

3 thoughts on “Getting Nox Comfortable in the RV

    1. We stayed in the RV last night and she wanted to sit in our laps. We took her on a long walk and she was very happy. She loved the mud and snow.


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