Checking on the RV After the Snowpocalypse

March 16, 2021

After work, Bruce asked me if I wanted to go check on the RV. The answer was, “Yes! I really want to see how it looks.”

When we go to the RV park, I was happy to see that they had plowed the roads. The snow had mostly melted off our RV. There was a little bit of snow on the roof by the ACs.

Most of the RV looked like they had left their slides out. There was a small amount of snow on top of the slides or slide topers. The RV next to us, on the driver’s side of our RV, had a short ladder that had clearly been used to keep the top of their slide clear.

It may have been fine to leave our slides out, but considering how concerned I was about the RV with the slides in, I am really glad we closed up the RV.

We are getting some more snow and you might be able to see it in the pictures. It is small flakes, but just before we left, there were larger flakes.

2 thoughts on “Checking on the RV After the Snowpocalypse

    1. I’ve watched some caravan travelers in the UK on YouTube along with some cannel boat travelers. I haven’t seen any in the rest of Europe.


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