Getting Ready to Face the Coming Snowpocalypse

March 11, 2021

When we realized that we might have a snowpocalypse this weekend, we decided it was time to move the RV from the street. We didn’t want it to be in the way of the snowplows, or even worse, get damaged by the snowplows.

We rented a spot in a local RV park for a month. This will allow us to easily try out the RV while we are close to the house. We will use this time to determine if what we think we want to take is what we really what want to take. It will also allow us time to figure out where to store things. I am eager to start trying out the kitchen.

Last night, we move the RV to the RV park and unhitched for the first time. We thought unhitching was going to be easy. It was a lot harder than we expected. We expected the teeth on the hitch to release when the handle was pulled forward, but Bruce finally had to drive the truck forward to get them to release. We don’t think that is right, and we plan to do more research.

We left the RV winterized as we don’t have a heated wrap for the water hose. Many of the RVs in the park have skirting around them to keep out the cold.

Nox was very excited and nervous. She got to try out her new harness that allows her to be buckled in while we travel. She liked it. We got her more comfortable with the RV steps and allowed her to see all the rooms in the RV. She even got to meet a neighbor dog. She was not comfortable in the RV. When we sat down to try out the theater seating, she wanted up in our laps. She was clingy.

This morning Bruce went to the RV park to finish registration and to try out the RV some more. He took took Nox and some things for Nox: her spare bed, some dog food, water, and some toys for her. He sent me an email this morning saying she seems more settled and is lying on her bed.

When Bruce came back to the house for lunch, he brought Nox with him. She was very excited to see me and after getting petted, she lay down at my feet.

After lunch, Bruce went back to the RV and Nox went with him.

7 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Face the Coming Snowpocalypse

    1. Since you asked how tall Miss Nox was, I had to find out how tall she was, so I measured Miss Nox. To the top of her head, she’s at 13 to 13 1/2 inches and if we include her ears, she’s 16 1/2 inches. The top of her head measurement was hard to obtain since she just kept moving.

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  1. While we don’t have a fifth wheel, I think our first attempts at hitching/unhitching took about 45 minutes. Now we are at about 15. You’ll get better! Enjoy the day!

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