Bruce Fixes the Screen Door Latch

March 12, 2021

Yesterday, Bruce and Nox came back to the house for lunch and after lunch Bruce and Nox went back to the RV. The RV park has a nice trail and Bruce took Nox for several walks. She was delighted.

Bruce fixed the problem we were having with screen door not staying latched to the main door when the door was opened. From Bruce – “The screen door has one latch that holds it to the main door, but it also has a latch that holds it closed.  Pushing the one latch further back makes the other latch not engage.  So, I loosened the piece on the main door that engages with the first latch, and adjusted it to push that latch further back.  Now when the two doors are latched together, the screen door doesn’t latch closed to the RV, so when you open the main door, the screen door goes with it.  You can still open that latch enough to separate the two doors, so we can have just the screen door closed if we want.”

While he was hanging out at the RV, I sent Bruce an email asking him if he wanted to stay in the RV overnight. He replied that would be fun. He came back to house for dinner.

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