RV Dream Thoughts…

March 28, 2020 My blog hasn’t been much at RV dreams and plans lately. I had planned on writing about our trip to the RV show on March 8th during the next week. Life changed drastically in such a short time, that it feels our RV retirement dream is on hold, at least for now.

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Colorado Springs RV Show

February 10, 2020 Bruce and I went to the Colorado Springs RV show on Saturday. We left a bit later than I had planned, but I wanted to make sure Luna ate before we left. She sometimes eats a good bit when we put her dog food down, and other times, she slowly backs away, […]

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Plans for Another RV Show

February 4, 2020 Yesterday, I was checking online to see when the next local RV show was. I had remembered that there was a show in February. It’s a good thing I checked, as the show is this week, starting on Thursday (February 6th) and lasting until Saturday (February 8th). I checked with Bruce to […]

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Getting Used to the Truck

January 4, 2020 Today was a busy day. We dropped the trucks at the dealer to get it detailed properly. It hadn’t been properly cleaned up from the factory when they turned it over to us. We then drove to Windish RV to see the two Grand Design Toy Haulers we are considering side by […]

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