RV Show on Thursday (Finding the RV 9)

January 6, 2020

It is so amazing to say, “We are going to buy the RV this year.” Last year, when people asked, I would say, “ We are going to buy the RV next year.” Next year is now this year!

We are planning to go to the first RV show in Colorado on January 9, in the Denver Convention Center. We’ll take the light rail into Denver , as parking cost so much and there is a track right by the Convention Center.

On January 8, we are going to take another walk through the 376TH so it is fresh in our minds when we go to the RV show.

Floor Plan from the Grand Design Site

7 thoughts on “RV Show on Thursday (Finding the RV 9)

  1. Good luck with your purchase! I can feel your excitement. As so many will be going to RV shows soon, I just finished a post detailing our travel trailer purchase a year ago and the cost of all the extras we bought when we picked it up. I thought it might be helpful to those considering such a purchase. In any case, have fun!

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  2. Hi, I just tuned in. I’ve always thought that RVing – is there such a term? – would be a fun way to travel, but my husband is convinced he couldn’t drive something that big. Maybe I’ll just follow along with your adventures instead.

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    1. Thanks for following my blog! You might try renting an RV to see how they are to drive. Many people say the Class C motorhomes are just like driving a truck. (I’m not sure how accurate that is.)

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